Our Divisions

Adminstration Division

The Statesboro Fire Department's Administration Division is responsible for a vital role in the day to day operations of the Fire Department. Daily duties include: Maintaining records in Fire Programs, the Department's incident reporting software, updating records for Insurance Service Office review, ordering and distributing station uniforms and turnout gear, processing requisitions, purchase orders, and checks request, and scheduling activities as requested by the community.

Operations Division

The Statesboro Fire Department's Operations Division is responsible for staffing the department and making sure every shift is staffed with at least 11 firefighters at all times. Normal operations call for 13 firefighters with four companies (three engines and a truck or ladder). This division works hard to ensure the community is served to the best of the department's ability in all areas of the fire service. There are two stations within the department and each station has a specific response area for calls. The city and the five mile district is essentially split in half, leaving one side for each station in order to give residents the best response time possible.

Response calls from 2016

Training Division

The Statesboro Fire Department's Training Division works hard to ensure that Statesboro and Bulloch County residents are safe in any situation. To become a firefighter in the state of Georgia, a person must have 240 hours of training, but at the Statesboro Fire Department, the requirements are higher. During a firefighter's first year at the department, they are required to obtain almost 80 additional hours of certifications and training. All firefighters are required to complete at least three hours of training every time they are on shift and often go to classes at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth, Georgia or the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland to obtain additional skills and certifications. In-house training for Georgia Fire Academy and National Fire Academy classes is also provided and open, not only to SFD personnel, but also other local, regional, and state-wide fire departments. Personnel are able to progress through training programs designed to move them through Probationary Firefighter, Firefighter, Fire Apparatus Operator, Company Officer, and beyond.

Prevention Division

The Statesboro Fire Department's Prevention Division works hard to ensure that Statesboro residents are safe in the buildings within the city and five mile district. This position also informs the public about fire safety practices. A large part of this position is designated to performing inspections for existing businesses and approving plans for new buildings. In 2016, over 1,500 inspections were completed along with almost 800 re-inspections. This was accomplished by two inspectors and the Division Chief of Prevention. This team works hard to ensure that Statesboro and Bulloch County are a safe place to live and visit. In addition to fire safety code enforcement, this group is also responsible for fire safety education for the public. The fire safety program has many different facets that provide targeted, quality education to the different populations in Statesboro and Bulloch County. The department has developed Fire Safety Curriculum that covers the basics of fire safety along with some of the science behind it. Teachers can call the department and have firefighters come to their classrooms or plan a field trip to the Fire Department at any time. In 2016, the Statesboro Fire Department was able to reach almost 13,000 people with fire safety information. The department also offers free smoke detector installation for Statesboro and Bulloch County residents. This service is offered as an effort to build relationships with the community and promote fire safety. Over the past few years, the Statesboro Fire Department has installed over 300 free smoke detectors.

Comunity Assistance in Fire Emergency(CAFE)

The Community Assistance in Fire Emergency (CAFE) unit serves the community by giving community members affected by structure fires a place to wait while firefighters are on scene. In the CAFE unit, families are given information on what steps to take after a house fire. The CAFE unit also serves firefighters by providing them a place to rest. This allows Statesboro firefighters to perform at their highest level for the members of the community.

Firefighters Auxiliary

The Statesboro Firefighters Auxiliary is a group formed in September 2009, to nurture and support the Statesboro Fire Department members and their immediate family members. This group works to establish rapport among families in the department so they will feel comfortable calling on the Auxiliary in times of need. The Auxiliary serves as the bridge between the Fire Department and the community in order to create a mutually beneficial relationship between the two.

  • We pledge to always strive to provide the very best possible service to the community in times of emergency or at any time that we can be of service to our citizens.
  • The Statesboro Fire Department believes one of the best ways to eliminate the loss of life or property is through Public Fire Safety Education.
  • The Statesboro Fire Department staff and personnel appreciate your interest in your Fire Department and are honored to serve the citizens of our city.