Dear Community:

The Fire Department staff and personnel appreciate your interest in your Fire Department, and we want you to know that we are honored to serve the citizens of our city. We pledge that we will always strive to provide the very best service possible to the community in times of emergency, or at any time that we can be of service to our citizens.

Chief Timothy E. Grams

Mission Statement

  The Mission of the Statesboro Fire Department is to:

protect the lives and property of the Citizens of our Community by providing a modern, highly trained and well equipped Fire Department while ensuring the most current practices and principles of Fire and Life Safety Education and Fire Safety Code Enforcement are utilized in an effort to provide the very best Fire Protection Services.

General Information

The City of Statesboro Fire Department is headed by Chief Timothy Grams and is housed in two different locations. Station #1 and the Administration Office are located on 24 West Grady Street across from the Police Department and Station #2 is located on 1533 Fair Road. The department offers a full range of fire and rescue services. However, EMT and paramedic services are provided by the Bulloch County Emergency Medical Services which is located next door to Station #1. Currently, the department operates with 48 firefighters and two Administrative Assistants.

Statesboro firefighters work three shifts. All operational personnel work a 24/48 hour schedule. They report to their assigned fire station by 7 a.m. and are in-service working for the citizens for 24 hours. The following morning at 7 a.m. their shift ends and they are relieved by the oncoming shift. After 48 hours off, they return for their next 24-hour shift. This type of shift provides thirteen personnel on all three shifts. In addition, the Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, Prevention Division, Training Division and other administrative personnel work a normal 40-hour per week schedule and are also available during major fires or any other type of incident.

The fire department is equipped with eight fire apparatus that includes five engines, three aerial ladders, one Tanker/Tender as well as a "Squad" or Service apparatus. The fire department is fortunate to have the ability to utilize state of the art fire apparatus, equipment and facilities which include a brand new training center with five-story tower facility, a two story live burn building and a mobile live fire training simulator.

Also, contracted with Bulloch County, the department covers an area of five road miles from each station and some of this area is outside of the City limits. Property owners within this coverage area pay a fire district tax to the county, which in turn remits it to the City. Accordingly, the department also responds to other fire incidents within the unincorporated areas of the county in order to assist the Bulloch County volunteer fire departments as part of an automatic aid agreement.

Taking a pro-active stance, the Statesboro Fire Department is heavily involved in fire prevention. The Prevention Division, which includes the Prevention Chief and two Fire Inspectors review building plans for compliance with the Life Safety Code and the International Fire Code. The Division also works closely with the Chief Building Official in the City of Statesboro's Engineering Department in the review of these plans. In addition, every year the department presents fire safety programs to hundreds of school children throughout Statesboro and Bulloch County.